milkers box

Great for use with peracetic acid (5%)
Viral test passed
Strong and comfortable
Excellent grip properties
Also available in 300mm length
Increased protection at the cuff
The easy aid in the detection of mastitis:

Take the first jet onto the black
glove – the contrast provides
excellent highlighting of


Stop the transmission of bacteria. Make it a part of your routine to disinfect gloves with a wipe after each examination.

Follow these 3 simple steps to improve your parlour hygiene today:

Are these the hands of a worker or the transmitter of bacteria?

Experience a reduction of 75% in the levels of bacteria on bare hands when gloves are worn.*

Reduce bacteria transmission by up to 98% by cleaning or changing gloves during the milking process.*

* Data from a study by Olde Riekering et al 2008.


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